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We offer Tally Customization Services as per your enterprise requirements. Since your needs will change constantly, we think your service options should too. These Features doesn’t come with Tally Licenses. We constantly develop Tally Modules according to different Industries & we also provide Tally Add-ons to our Clients, so that they can focus on improving their Business Productivity & Ease of Business Operations. Tally is open code where our team of experts will develop & customize Tally is a such a way that it will work the way you want. There is a myth that Tally is only used for Accounting & ERP Functions but reality is Customized Tally can also be used in Departments like Marketing, Sales, Procurement, Production & Warehousing. We have ready 25+ Modules for Tally ERP 9 which will help your business to grow faster & better. These Customize Modules will automate your Systems & your Process Our expert team of Developers has personally handpicked this Customize it , Standardized it & Converted into ready to use Tally Modules & Addons.

Tally Customization


Our Transportation Module can maintain records of Drivers, Vehicle & Consignment Note. It also enables auto TDS Deductions and more.

Logistics Module helps you create Job Creation & various bills like Agency, Transport & Freight directly from Tally & many more. 

We have created a customized Distribution Module where you manage your distribution business directly through Tally,

We have a ready Service Module wherein Tally will be customized according the Service Industry including charges like Service Charges, Customized Invoice, etc.

Construction Module can help you by creating various master data of Plots & you can maintain records of Enquiries,  Flat Available Status. You can also pull out detailed reports of Outstanding & Commission also you can create Letters like Possession Letter, Demand Letter & MOU & many more features

A Detailed Flow of all the aspects into Manufacturing is covered into our Manufacturing Module right from Purchase of Raw Materials to Sales of Final Product to Accounts and Payroll & Many more are mentioned. 

Our Society Module is specially designed for Societies to keep a track of various charges & invoice as and when required with auto interest calculation & More. 

You can enter Colour & Size Inventory Control in tally with entering other important data like Sales Bill, Delivery Challan, Bale Entry & Many More. 

We have created a customized Module for Brokers where in our clients can track like commission charges, customized reports, customized invoice, etc.

Our Lead Management System in Tally will help our clients Track & Manage Leads directly through Tally.


We have a ready add-on wherein direct auto mails can be sent directly through tally to you desired recipients. 

With the Dashboard add-on you can track many activity like creditors, debtors, outstanding, top products sold, top suppliers in a one single screen. 

With this add-on now you can backup tally date & time wise in your system. 

Through this Integration now you can import thousands of entries within minutes from Excel to Tally.

With this add-on now you can maintain an address book directly on Tally. So that data is easily available at your fingertips. 

Audit is an important function of any business organization, it denotes that the business has True and Fair transactions during the year. 

You can print Barcode directly through Tally & Print the barcode according to your products catalogue.

User Security Controls in Tally wherein few important areas are restricted only to some members of your Company.

User wise voucher locking can restrict users with giving limited control for making or editing or deleting the vouchers.  

With this tally add-on now you can control credit date & time wise wherein it restrict users to give credit above limit. 

Invoice Customization can be possible with this add-on wherein you can insert terms & conditions according to your business process.

With this add-on now you can register & track couriers into the Tally to manage data easily at one place. 

You can control your stock directly through tally wherein it tracks that you don’t fall short on Stock.  

With this add-on now you can Print the Labels of the products directly through Tally.  


We provide Tally Implementation of our Customized Add-ons & Modules so that our clients  can start their process & operations in a effectively smooth model & We will train you on how the process will work according to your industry

Tally Implementation
Tally Onsite Support


Once we have implemented Tally, We will provide you with our Dedicated Support under AMC Model. So that you can clear all your doubts & challenges on that day for ensuring smooth functioning of your Business Operations.



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